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House Cleaning in Orange County
with “Aloha Spirit”

Reminder, Scheduling is at an hourly rate. Estimator only estimates price, pricing is final when the work has been completed and the workers have submitted their hours. We will refer one or two house cleaners depending upon the size of the job or availability.


First Time Clean

$40 per hour per house cleaner $120 minimum $80 per hour


Regular Clean

$35 per hour per house cleaner $105 minimum $70 per hour


Sunday or Holiday

$50 per hour per house cleaner with a $200 minimum

almost done!!!

permanent vacation from
house cleaning

Help us get familiar with your home.

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Complex or neighborhood name?
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Cheehoo! You have Aloha Spirit! Aloha Maids, donates a portion of our profits to organizations like the Disabled American Veterans, Samaritan’s Purse, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, All Hands Volunteers, Operation USA and others…

VERY IMPORTANT! $75 Cancellation Fee if you do not contact us by 5pm 1 day before the appointment.


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