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Aloha Maids offers deep cleaning services in Los Angeles, California. Our housekeeping services offers deep cleaning services with Aloha Spirit. For monthly or biweekly service, our experienced house cleaners are fully equipped and vetted to provide professional cleaning service, all provided with the legendary Aloha Spirit.

Housekeeping services in Los Angeles, California offers a wide array of professional house cleaning services from kitchen cleaning services, bathroom service, living area, move in move out cleaning, extra maid service chores at moment’s notice and professional service steam clean.

Aloha Maids offers the best professional house cleaning services in Los Angeles, California. Aloha Maids is a Referral Agency. Book online or get a free online estimate. Also, you can call for an estimate today!

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Top #1 House Cleaning Services

Aloha Maids is the best option for house cleaning services in Los Angeles. Take a vacation from housekeeping, or better yet, take a stay-cation. For your convenience, Aloha Maids Office hours are now Mon-Sun 7:00am- 7:00pm.

Ultimately, Aloha Maids offers a wide array of house cleaning service referrals to Los Angeles residents, from deep cleans to move out cleaning which can be done at a moments notice. Customer service is available from 7am-7pm Mon-Sun to take your call. Book a house cleaning team today!

24/7 online booking service makes it easy to make a house cleaning appointment. Book today for a squeaky-clean home. Truly, our mission is to serve both customers and the community of Los Angeles.

With Aloha Maids, you can choose: weekly, monthly or biweekly house cleaning services orange county services. Aloha’s referred experienced house cleaners are both fully equipped and vetted to provide professional housekeeping services in Los Angeles, all provided with the legendary Aloha Spirit.

With 7 years in the business Aloha Maids has done over 1,000 vacation rental house cleanings. We are obviously the best option for vacation rentals in Los Angeles for AirBnB and VRBO.

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Aloha Spirit

Everyone already knows that Aloha Maids Referral Agency refers to the Best Los Angeles house cleaners and maid service providers in all of the Los Angeles County Cities!!

Even more, a partial profit from each of our referred house cleaning services is donated to nonprofits.

With Aloha Maids referral agency we will only refer to the best of the best house cleaning wahines, because we believe in quality service, and helping the community. Choose Aloha Maids for your next Los Angeles House Cleaning.


Equipped and Vetted

All referred Aloha Maids Los Angeles house cleaners are met and interviewed in person. They are background checked, and Aloha Maids collects references upon interview.

In addition, we ask a series of house cleaning questions and check to make sure they are fully equipped and experienced.

Customer Service 7 to 7, 7 days a Week. Lucky 7!

Overall we offer a friendly office staff with Aloha Spirit! Aloha Maids almost always has someone on staff ready to take your call from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Sunday.

Most importantly, no one likes to wait! Book today or tomorrow. We are always ready to take your call!

Local USA Owned and Operated

It is awesome to live in the USA and we take extreme pride in our policies and business practices. Additionally, with Aloha Maids, you will have the same house cleaning service wahine offers a superior level of maid service to your home every time.

Also, this policy helps customers to feel safe, receive warm friendly service, and feel secure. The founder and “Kahuna” of Aloha Maids was born and raised in Los Angeles, and has a busy family in Los Angeles and knows how important it is to count on good house cleaning or housekeeping service.

Easy to Get Help

Easy, online, office support is available 7am – 7pm. In other words, if you want to call by phone, we’ve got your back.

Also, we have online 24/7 house cleaning service membership access where you can schedule, reschedule, update payment information and contact the service provider directly.

Further, you may offer feedback through our website by signing in.

Types of Services:

Aloha Maids referred cleaners offer the following types of services: Apartment & Condo cleaning services, Airbnb & Vacation Rental cleaning services, Move in & Move Out cleaning services, Same Day cleaning services, Deep Cleaning services, and Post Construction cleaning services.

Additionally, you can get referred Services that include but are not limited to: General professional cleaning services, Airbnb maid and butler service, Laundry service, Cleaning Dishes, Deep Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Dusting, Vacuum , Mopping, Final Cleaning for moving out or moving in, Short term lease cleaning, Sublet house cleaning services, Same Day Service, etc.

Most of all, if you are looking for office cleaning or commercial cleaning in Los Angeles then you really need to find a great company for your needs.

Quality Service:

Customers prefer Aloha Maids for the home cleaning system that has been 5 star rated for 10 years in a row! Steadily we pride ourselves as the #1 Choice in OC because we have reviews on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor that reflect our high standards in house cleaning maids referrals.

Take a Vacation:

Living in Los Angeles can be a really stressful lifestyle, let us help you keep your home clean and relieve some of that stress. Your referred professional house cleaners can get any dirty job done in a very efficient manner.

Cash Free:

Having a cash free business is a good way to say we are legit. More importantly, using a credit card is actually fast, easy and convenient. Without delay, pay with a credit card. Get those travel points!!

Naturally, you can book online and your card will not be charged until service is rendered. Your credit card will be stored in our 256-bit SSL Encrypted payment gateway. Also, hands free transactions are a great way to avoid germs!

Whale of a Deal

With every cleaning, a small donation will be made to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). We will use that donation to “adopt a whale.” Through adoption we will follow the whale’s migration patterns and post blog articles about the whale(s) we have adopted.

Residential House Cleaning:

Aloha Maids refers to the best house cleaning service providers for residential house cleaning in Los Angeles. If you own a home or are renting, house cleaning and maid services can help you get through a busy day. Besides, when you think of relaxation, you think “Aloha.”

For example, when you hire professional cleaners, or cleaning providers, you can select the house cleaning service frequency that you want. You can forget about today’s house cleaning service worries and refreshen your day with joy, music, fun, and relaxation. Spend more time with loved ones! This is a great way to end the day after a cleaning with Aloha Maids.

To be sure, it is a MUST to live a healthy and comfortable lifestyle with proper house cleanings once a week, every 2 weeks, or even monthly or bimonthly, so you can “Hang Loose.”

Aloha Maids Refers Los Angeles Apartment Cleaners

Above all, domestic cleaning service is becoming very important to the lives of many households, houses, and even apartments.

Moreover, it is especially important for those who want their homes to feel clean, nice and tidy. Even if you live in a small apartment, you deserve a vacation from house cleaning!

Professional equipment is needed for professional house cleaners, equipment such as vacuums, brushes, dustpan, cleaning chemicals, scrubbers, sponges, brooms, dusters etc.

Other cleaning or Luxorious EXTRAS Yummy!

Aloha Maids is the one stop shop for window cleaning in Los Angeles as well carpet cleaning, and maid, and office janitorial cleaning. If you have a luxurious home, try getting your beautiful wood polished by a professional maid.

Beyond maid service, you may need pressure washing for the driveway, carpet cleaning for the carpet or rug. You may even just need to take care of a small chore, such as having the dishes washed. You can choose from our luxurious cleaning list of extra services and customize your vacation from house cleaning just the way you want it.

Aloha Maids for Los Angeles Airbnb

You must be careful when hiring or contracting professional Los Angeles housekeepers. Use an agency you can trust with 10 years in the business like Aloha Maids. If you want a tidy, clean, and an attractive house, you have to call the professionals.

AirBnB can be handled by an amateur if you want poor ratings. On the contrary, if you want to rock the 5 star reviews on your AirBnB account you must call on the cleaning service providers you can trust. With over 10,000 homes serviced, the best housekeeping choice in Los Angeles is Aloha Maids! By far!!

House Cleaning Service for Parties

You will love having a clean home. Be the rockstar that everyone loves to visit with a clean home. Be the image you want to be, and become inspired. House cleaning services with Aloha Maids will help you fulfill that image. Hire Aloha Maids for a pre party clean or an after party clean.

Regular House Cleaning Service is so Aloha, so Zen!

Naturally, being tidy and sanitary is also something that will help you to improve your health. Los Angeles is all about being healthy, and living in a healthy environment or abode is the first step. You must BE the cleanliness to live a clean life and have a clean soul, body, and spirit. Aloha Maids will show you the way, the light, and the Aloha Spirit!

Repetitive tasks are BORING

Let’s be honest, if you do the cleaning alone, you will be too tired after all that hard work to really enjoy.

House cleaning is soo repetitive, and boring. Have that repetitive work done by a professional. Hire someone who enjoys cleaning, and takes pride in their housekeeping skills. After, when your home is neat and clean, you can spend time with friends family and loved ones.

Hurry! Book a regular service and you will never go back. Besides, people love to visit LA, don’t you want your house to be clean and fresh, when they come to visit? Of course you do! Call Aloha today!

You are Waayyy to Busy for this!

Working hard to make ends meet? Too busy taking care of the cleaning to take care of the important things on your agenda?

Above all else, you need a maid. Trust me You NEED one!

Since you are the busy type, you do not have the same amount of time to clean as professional cleaners do. Cleaning is so tedious and it takes a lot of time. It takes time just to plan the cleaning.

So plan on this, pick up the phone and call us! Call Aloha Maids and all your cleaning service essentials will be cared for with a special love and attention to the things that are really hard to do on your own.

Cheap and affordable house cleaners:

Sure, there are apps out there that have no phone number that can help you connect with cheap and affordable house cleaners. It seems so ‘handy’ for example to choose a cleaning app that can get you a cleaning for just $40. Just remember, you get what you pay for.

On the contrary, when you hire professionals to do the cleaning services for you, all parts of the home including surfaces, fixtures, and even hard to reach areas.

Household items and furniture that you would normally throw away, can be restored! Yes, couches have feelings too. They can be kept and look new again.


So many people tell me, “All I care about is the floors.” Our referred professional home cleaners would assist you in different ways, they would ensure that every part of your home gets the type of attention it deserves.

Obviously, this includes even the part of the house that get’s stepped on every day. Truly, we have the most amazing respect for floors.

Don’t get me wrong, Aloha Maids referred service providers can’t remove ALL the dirt in the floors of your home in Los Angeles but they can get them looking nicely again.

My Furniture Needs a Face Lift

Don’t buy new furniture. Get it’s ugly face lifted. Furniture can be cleaned, people!

Just like anything else, it just needs a little LOVE, CARE and ATTENTION. And we do it the “Aloha Way.”

Don’t kick your furniture out like you would an old dog off the street. That’s mean. Get it facelifted. Reserve a house cleaning today and request furniture cleaning.

More importantly, just give our referred cleaners a chance to clean your furniture, and you might just be surprised at how awesome it could look. Furniture cleaning is one of our luxurious extras by the way.

Why does Aloha Maids TRUMP the competition?

The latest global poll says that Aloha Maids trumps other cleaning service companies because we always have someone available.

Let’s be honest, the house cleaning competition is truly not available for you any more. The shortage is worse than ever! No shortage with Aloha Maids.

Have no fear, Aloha is here. Better, faster, awesomer than all the rest.

Can I Trust Aloha?

Choose the most trusted brand in the house cleaning industry. The independent house cleaning service providers for Aloha Maids are paid better, and will work harder to earn your business.

Before we register any service providers, we first monitor their character. We test all the Aloha Maids referrals with our patented “Aloha-meter.” If they don’t pass, they get thrown out with all the other bad apples.

We then check to make sure that they have had training or experience. We run a background check and then we check to make sure they have transportation and equipment. Less than 5% of the interviewed candidates fit the criteria we are looking for.

Also, we have full time recruiters that are working restlessly to preserve the Aloha Name in choosing the best service providers in the land.

Spotless Cleaning

More important, if you want your home to be “Spotless” try a different company. For example, when if your wallpaper has pokedots? Nothing is spotless. God made the world that way, deal with it.

Cleaning Microscopic Germs

Let’s be real here, there is no way to clean or eliminate ALL germs, but if you choose a house cleaning service provider, they can reduce the chance of spreading germs and disease by sanitizing your home.

Cleaning Chemicals and Products

House cleaning services are done with sanitizing products and chemicals that are meant to disinfect and kill germs. If you want a Green House Cleaning, you can make that request. This would be a luxurious extra and cost more by the way.

Since we are trying to eliminate disease and viruses such as Covid 19 strong chemicals may have strong smells but are in the long run healthier for your family. We recommend leaving the home while your house is being cleaned if you have an allergy to strong chemicals.

Most of all, cleaning chemicals are designed to evaporate or to be absorbed quickly so that they are safe for human use. Do not consume toxic chemicals. In other words, do not eat or drink your cleaning products or chemicals at home. Yuck!

On the other hand, hiring a house cleaner with professional experience is smart because a professional will know the proper chemical to use on the proper surfaces. Knowledge and experience go a long way in the cleaning industry, as does wisdom. Hence the Aloha Spirit!

In contrast, using the wrong cleaning chemicals can be dangerous and can cause damage. Don’t do that! Call Aloha!

Dust Bunnies Hachoo!!

Sneezing is the reason for house cleaning. A professional house cleaner would not overlook items such as wardrobes, cupboards, and bookshelves. They can wipe surfaces such as wood, metal, stone, stainless steel, as well as ceramic and marble.

Can a house cleaner clean all the dust in my house? Not in a million years, but they can get most of it, and by getting most, that spells RELIEF!

It is true, that using the proper cloths and chemicals makes a HUGE difference. Aloha Maids referred cleaners are clearing the dust away in Los Angeles 1 home at a time, which means less sneezing and weezing and more surfing and playing!

Safety First

The safety of your children and other household members is very important to Aloha Maids. A criminal background check is always prescribed before referring a local service provider to your home.

Most of our competition do not background check their referred providers. I believe that is one of the most important features in our business model and the reason why most people trust Aloha Maids.

Ten Years in Business

In conclusion. With Aloha Maids, you will receive professional cleaning services from one of our referred Los Angeles housekeeping wahines or kanes. It’s much better to hire a house cleaner through a company because you have phone and online support. After 10 years in business in Los Angeles, Aloha Maids really knows how to take care of customers and offer the support they need.