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top 10 Reasons to Choose Aloha Maids
FOR House keeping jobs in ORANGE COUNTY

Below are the most important reasons to to choose Aloha Maids.

Aloha Spirit:聽

Partial profit from each of our referred house cleaning services in Tustin is donated to non profits.聽 House cleaning jobs in Tustin available with a company that has integrity.

Equipment and Vetting:聽

For these house cleaning jobs in Tustin, we expect all house cleaners to have there house cleaning equipment for house cleaning jobs in Tustin.聽

Locally Operated

We take pride in our policies and business practice. Additionally, with Aloha Maids, we will refer the same registered cleaner to the same customer for each cleaning.

Easy to get help

We have an online portal and phone number that you can contact whenever you need help. Full support is available for our referred cleaners. We are here to help!


Referred house cleaners know that Aloha Maids is 5 star rated for 7 years in a row! We are the #1 Choice in OC because we have reviews on Yelp, Google, Angie鈥檚 List, and Home Advisor that reflect our high standards in cleaning maids referrals for house cleaning jobs.

Seven Years in Business

It鈥檚 much better to work with a referral agency because you have phone and online support. After 7 years in business in OC, Aloha Maids really knows how to take care of registered cleaners and offer the support they need. Aloha Maids owner is Board Member of聽CCDRA



聽聽聽聽聽聽 Car

聽聽聽聽聽聽 Passport | Driver’s License | or photo id

聽聽聽聽聽聽 Own equipment

聽聽聽聽聽聽 Social Security #

What you get:

聽聽聽聽聽聽 Low Pressure

聽聽聽聽聽聽 聽Flexibility

聽聽聽聽聽聽 Fair Pay

聽聽聽聽聽聽 Vetted Customers

For independent domestic workers.


Housekeeping Experience

Q: Do you have any housekeeping experience?聽

Because we are going to want to know if you have had house cleaning jobs Tustin.

Housekeeping Equipment:

Q: Do you have any housekeeping equipment?

Because you are going to need house cleaning equipment if you are going to take house cleaning jobs Tustin.

Motivation and enthusiasm:

Q: Do you like to clean houses?

Because we will want to know if you like cleaning houses.


Q: Do you have a reliable car?

Because you will need a reliable car if you want to clean houses in Tustin.


Q: Do you have your own clients?

Because we want to know if you have house cleaning clients in Tustin.


Q: What would you do if your client decided they were not satisfied with the quality of the work and did not want to pay? Because we want to know if you have the right attitude for house cleaning Jobs Tustin.


Q: Have you ever done a move out cleaning? How is it different than a regular cleaning? How is it the same? We want to know if you have experience about house cleaning jobs Tustin.

Other Question:


Kitchen Cleaning Service for house cleaning jobs in Tustin

1.聽聽聽 Wiping down surfaces

2.聽聽聽 Washing dishes

3.聽聽聽 Cleaning appliances like the stove, oven, and fridge

4.聽聽聽 Disinfecting inside and outside of the microwave

5.聽聽聽 Cleaning floor surfaces

6.聽聽聽 Taking out any garbage and replace garbage bags

7.聽聽聽 Cleaning oven

8.聽聽聽 Washing and cleaning countertops

Other Kitchen Requests聽


1.聽聽聽 Cleaning kitchen waste bin

2.聽聽聽 Stocking Groceries

3.聽聽聽 Organizing cabinets

4.聽聽聽 Cleaning up after party

5.聽聽聽 Helping carry the groceries

Bathroom Maid Service聽


1.聽聽聽 Shining faucets and handles

2.聽聽聽 Cleaning showers and tubs

3.聽聽聽 Sanitizing toilets and toilet bowls

4.聽聽聽 Cleaning the mirrors

5.聽聽聽 Washing sinks

6.聽聽聽 Emptying and replacing trash can bags

7.聽聽聽 Sweeping, moping and vacuuming all floor surfaces

Other Bathroom Requests聽


1.聽聽聽 Folding laundry

2.聽聽聽 Helping with laundry

3.聽聽聽 Organizing

4.聽聽聽 Tossing out old items

5.聽聽聽 Ironing clothes

Maid Service for Bedroom, Living Room & Common Areas聽


1.聽聽聽 Wiping down table surfaces and countertops

2.聽聽聽 Cleaning and dusting ceiling fans

3.聽聽聽 Emptying and replacing trash can bags

4.聽聽聽 Sweeping, moping, and vacuuming floors

5.聽聽聽 Wiping or dusting window sills

Other Living Area Requests聽


1.聽聽聽 Restocking the toilet paper

2.聽聽聽 Organizing cabinets

3.聽聽聽 Scrubing tiles or tile grout

4.聽聽聽 Restocking toiletries

Add extra Maid Service chores at a moment鈥檚 notice for house cleaning jobs in Tustin


1.聽聽聽 Washing dirty blinds

2.聽聽聽 Cleaning inside refrigerator

3.聽聽聽 Extra deep clean or second cleaning of floor surfaces

4.聽聽聽 Cleaning inside of cabinets

5.聽聽聽 Degreasing inside of the oven

6.聽聽聽 Cleaning the interior windows

7.聽聽聽 Move-in/Move-out cleaning: Inside windows and baseboards

8.聽聽聽 Extra deep cleaning of Baseboards, vents, light switches and power outlets

House Cleaning Jobs in Tustin: Earn $21-$24 per hour. You set the pay. All contracts are negotiable. Aloha Maids is a Fair Pay referral Agency.

House Cleaning Jobs in Tustin: Earn $21-$24 per hour. You set the pay. All contracts are negotiable. Aloha Maids is a Fair Pay referral Agency.