House Cleaning

top 10 Reasons to Choose Aloha Maids
FOR House keeping jobs in Capistrano Beach

Below are the most important reasons to to choose Aloha Maids.

  1. Independence: Become an independent referral of Aloha Maids and choose your own jobs, choose your own schedule. Since you will be classified as an independent contractor, you will be able to write off expenses, and be making maximum potential income without unnecessary bureaucracy withholding essential income.

  2. Equipment and Save Time: You can choose the equipment that you want to use, drive your own car, and no need to go to an office location.

  3. Call Us: Overall we offer a friendly office staff with Aloha Spirit! We are available 12 hours a day to help you in any situation.

  4. Consistency: We take pride in our policies and business practice. Additionally, with Aloha Maids, you will have the same clients for recurring services. We believe that this policy helps customer to feel safe, receive warm friendly service, and feel secure. 

  5. Easy to Get Help: Easy, online, office support is available during business hours. We also have online 24/7 cleaning Pro membership access where you can log in to see your schedules, and make booking notes.

6. Seven Years in Business: Receive professional support from Aloha Maids Phone Support 1-877-4-EMPLEO and be able to log in any time or send emails.  It’s better to work with an agency, especially compared to shady Handy. Work with a reliable agency with a great reputation in your area. After 7 years in business in Southern California, Aloha Maids really knows how to take care of our independent cleaners and offer the support they need.6