House Cleaning Coronavirus

House Cleaning Corona Virus

Welcome to information about House Cleaning and Coronavirus provided by Aloha Maids. This information is especially suited to people who live in the Orange County and Los Angeles area. Did you know that the Center of Disease Control (CDC) recommends you clean your house EVERY DAY?!? I know, that sounds crazy, but that’s what they recommend. It’s lucky that you found us. Aloha Maids can send an expert to clean your house and can even offer a daily service.

You are probably aware that no one is immune to the spread of the Coronavirus. Below is a true story about a friend of ours.

Allison Davis is a stay at home mom. She is filling up her trunk SUV with dry goods for her family. She wears a mask when she is out in public. She has loaded up her home with disinfectants and hand sanitizers.

She’s worried about the Coronavirus, and she notices that some of the store shelves are actually going bare.

There’s not a lot left on the shelves at Costco, they are low on disinfectant and paper towels. Allison is frustrated of course. Unfortunately she can’t control what’s available at the store, but what she can control however is her home environment. So she grabs whatever she can heads home and gets to work on cleaning her house. By the time she gets home, she is exhausted.


First things first, she color codes her microfiber rags and keeps each color separate for each room to avoid cross contaminating them from room to room.

She sprays the proper chemical for each surface directly onto the microfiber rag and starts from top to bottom and wipes everything up and down.

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She disinfects all of the door handles with hydrogen peroxide.

She continues disinfecting her bags, keys and of course her cell phone.

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She still has many things to do, but she’s exhausted from the trip to the supermarket, wearing a mask, and with all of the cleaning and sanitizing.

Luckily, Aloha Maids can be booked for same day service and has telephone support AND online booking. Finally she books online using

Easy Peasy check out…

Especially since every transaction is made hands free! Now she can relax and take a vacation from house cleaning.

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Aloha Maids Approach to the Coronavirus:

Aloha Maids Referral Agency continues to offer an essential service by referring experts to help our customers with household disinfecting and home sanitizing.

The Center for Disease control recommends as, I mentioned earlier, to clean your house DAILY which is a daunting task. For that reason, you have to hire a maid.

To protect customers and our referred house cleaners, we are:
  • Relaying regulations to the referred cleaners, like wearing masks and gloves.
  • Corresponding with house cleaners and the customers. In case of illness, we are available to cancel appointments or make appointment changes.
  • Customers and referred cleaners are requested to make us aware of any illness to eliminate the spread of Covid-19.
  • Monitoring updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in regards to safety and regulations.
  • Conforming to city and state regulations within our industry.
  • Offering Customers ability to log in to our website and self-serve cancel appointments at any time, and the referred house cleaners can do the same. This gives customers and house cleaners ultimate control, even when our office is closed.
house cleaning coronavirus los angeles orange county

Our Philosophy on “Covid Clean Ups.” We are not like the other guys!

My name is Wyatt, owner of Aloha Maids Referral Agency. I like to start out by saying, I am well aware that many of the larger companies out there are taking an unethical position and advertising that they are available to “battle” Coronavirus while simultaneously offering cleanings to the general public. In my opinion, that is a definite NO, NO…
Keep ’em separated during Covid-19. In the description of these Covid clean ups, our competition mentions in great detail the level of precautions they are taking to clean, disinfect and regulate, in order to keep everyone safe. Let’s be honest, when the equipment becomes contaminated by a house that has been infected by Covid-19, or the house cleaner becomes sick from an infected client, the disease will quickly spread from home to home. Some companies are also providing cleanings of businesses, nursing homes, and hospitals that they know have been infected with Covid-19. Every time a person is introduced to an infected area, there is a high probability that the infection will spread. Come on guys, we gotta keep ’em seperated.
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There is an easy solution out there for all house cleaning companies to follow in regards to Coronavirus also known as Covid-19. Either clean for regular homes, or choose to clean only Covid-19 homes. NOT BOTH.

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Aloha Maids from Day 1 has chosen to only service non contaminated homes. We thoroughly question every new client whether or not the home has been infected by the Coronavirus. If a cleaner is sick we ask them to stay home.
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I believe that is what makes us stand out from the rest. This is another example of our thoughtfulness and “Aloha Spirit.” We want all the workers to stay safe and our clients too, and the best way to do that is to operate with integrity. We are doing our part to Keep ’em Separated. For information from the CDC regarding Corona Virus, please follow the link below.

Finally, a heartfelt message from Aloha Maids: Stay Home, Spend Time, and Pray

I hope this message finds you safe and healthy. Coronavirus in Southern California has been bittersweet for me. I think of all the different countries working today to contain the Coronavirus. It’s incredible. At the same moment, I pray for those who have been tragically affected by the virus. I pray also that a remedy is found soon.

I feel that as an Orange County resident, it is a great risk to go out, and have learned to appreciate the time I get to stay in with my family. I can spend time in the front yard playing with my son, cuddle on the couch and watch TV with my wife. This family time I believe was long overdue.

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Someone once told me,

“No amount of money or success can take the place of time spent with the family.”

In other words modern society is full of distractions that actually interrupt the things that truly matter. I believe that the same cure for the Coronavirus in south county may also be the same remedy we need to save our mental and spiritual health, that is…

Stay home, spend time with your family, and pray.

Our time was once consumed by artificial feelings of belonging that we find on social media, at work, or on the internet. Some may also find enjoyment in other ways like watching Netflix, shopping, partying with friends, doing drugs or playing video games.

Now we are forced to stay home with our families and neighbors. In fact, I hope that through this time we as a modern society will rehabilitate to respect and love the ones that are most important and true to us. It is important that we embrace this time, and let go of the frivolities of the past. We can shake off our anxieties, change our habits, and once again live productive lives.

Think of the other benefits. By not driving, we are reducing the amount of pollution in the air. Since we are not going out at night to bars, restaurants, and clubs, star gazing should be spectacular this year.

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I believe that if you make the most of this time, you will come out stronger, more successful, and in better spirits than ever before. Remember to sympathize and do what you can to help those who are in need. If you can afford to, be generous. And always remember to love.

My message in general is for those who are frustrated because they are told to stay home. I hope that this message finds you in better spirits than before. This is the new age, and to become part of it, you must see there is a balance that needs to be restored. If we respect that balance, and truly learn to love one another as never before, we will suffer less and live a more fulfilling life.

Take the time with your families today to stay home, spend time with the family, and pray.

On a prayer note, for those who need our prayers or need help, please respond with a comment here. Mahalo!

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Is Green House Cleaning an Essential Service? I am an all out tree hugger that loves the smell of products that are green and natural. Citrus minty flavors are always nice to smell and come home to. I love saving the environment and taking care of my health. Unfortunately though, we are living in an interesting time. If you think that house cleaners or cleaning companies that offer a “green service,” is considered essential, think again.

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Most natural products do not protect you from a virus. Viruses are extremely robust and not easy to kill. The Coronavirus can live several days on hard surfaces. Most green cleaning products or chemicals such as vinegar and baking soda simply modify the PH levels making it difficult for bacteria to survive. They leave nice smells and can make your countertops shine, but they will not protect you from Coronavirus.

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Soap is the best way to protect you from a virus, but that is only true when it is applied directly to your hands then thoroughly rinsed often. When it comes to cleaning your house, the Center of Disease Control says best products are described as EPA-registered household disinfectants. You don’t necessarily need to go out and spend a lot of money on cleaning products during the Coronavirus. Instead check your medicine cabinet or your cleaning cabinet and you may find already what you need. One of the top ingredients for killing viruses is Bleach. You can dilute bleach 1 cup per gallon. Make sure not to mix bleach with other chemicals. Bleach is what they use to disinfect hospitals, doctors offices etc. It’s a fast acting disinfectant. As long as you follow these rules and are careful not to mix chemicals, bleach is still a good option for disinfecting your home. If you do not like the smell of bleach you also have the option of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. I hope you found this article interesting. If you like this article share it on facebook, Twitter or Instagram with your friends. Mahalo!



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