Green Cleaning for A Healthier House Cleaning

There has been a worldwide call to switch to green cleaning products as an option given that it’s better for both the people and the planet. They are proven to be good for the well-being of all living creatures and it’s a good way to prevent unnecessary chemicals from being released into the environment. 

And while plastic packaging is still prevalent everywhere,  many people have become conscious and aware of the importance of this call. Matter of fact,  market research from commercial and house cleaning experts shows that eco-friendly cleaning products are now making up a larger share of all cleaning products every year. Thanks to the global awareness drive and thanks that these products are sustainable making it easy for the people to buy them. 

Unlike those traditional house cleaning products that often contain harsh chemicals and toxins that can have negative effects on indoor air quality and contribute to pollution when washed down drains, green cleaning or eco-friendly products are giving us otherwise. As is believed by many, the awareness was doubled after the pandemic hit the planet. People have shifted habits towards safety and a healthier lifestyle. 

In standard cleaning products, homeowners are now aware that they can be harmful and may cause skin irritation in those who are sensitive. Parabens, sodium hydroxide, phthalates, and ammonia, to name a few, are chemicals that people would like to avoid having in their house cleaning products. 

So if you want to join the bandwagon, book a house cleaning now and tell them you want the green cleaning this time. Your most requested house cleaning crew will come around with just what you want them to bring and use. 

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