Frequently Asked Questions (LA)

1. How many house cleaners am I getting When I book a house cleaning appointment online?

Aloha Maids is a referral agency that registers independent house and apartment cleaning service providers or domestic workers in Los Angeles California. Some independent housekeeping service providers in Los Angeles work alone.

In contrast, others work in teams of 2 and sometimes even more. They will choose a partner who is often a family member, friend, or associate.

More importantly, if you want your house cleaned quickly, it’s best to request a team of 2. Aloha Maids can assist you with that in some areas, and depending upon the time and day you want to book. Teams of 2 can also help with larger homes that have more areas or rooms that need the attention.

Fortunately, all independent maid service providers in Los Angeles bring their own cleaning supplies. Independent cleaners or house cleaning service providers do not share there cleaning supplies with anyone.

On the other hand, teams of 2 often share equipment and may converse meaning they may save time but may not add as much value as hiring an independent cleaner. All depends though on the cleaning team or independent cleaner.

Lastly, the advantage of a house cleaner that works alone is that communication is easier. You can request the house cleaner directly the chores or responsibilities that you would like to accomplish.

Ultimately, Aloha Maids gives you the ultimate freedom of choice and the decision is up to you whether you want a cleaner to come alone or with a companion.

2. Do I have an option to check out the independent cleaners references?

Aloha Maids uses an Aloha-meter which is fool proof actually. No bad apples with Aloha Maids.

First, the housecleaning service provider in Los Angeles provides us with their personal information, experience, and a picture of their cleaning tools. Then they are met in person for a 1 to 1 interview. If they show Aloha Spirit, and their background is clean, we add them to the registry.

3. When Can You Provide Me With a house cleaning or apartment cleaning service Estimate in LA?

You can get an estimate using our website there may even be a discount code that you can use on the website there. There are just a few questions you have to answer there and you then can get a housekeeping service estimate without leaving your home in just minutes.

4. How Do I figure out the rates for Aloha Maids housekeeping services in Los Angeles?

Aloha Maids has an easy online estimator that you can fill out in minutes. Book your appointment for 1 time, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, or even every 8 weeks.

After all, you get bigger discounts when you book more frequently. The best thing about Aloha Maids is we have FLAT RATE estimates for home cleaning. No tricks here, just straight forward prices. That’s the “Aloha Spirit!”

5. Do You Conduct Background Checks?

We do run a background check on a national and local level using a third party service. We do our best to vet all our independent service providers in Los Angeles.

6. Is Aloha Maids insured or bonded?

Aloha Maids is not insured or bonded. What we offer is professional house cleaning service providers who are background checked for your safety and vetted.

For quality assurance, we recommend that you please tell the independent service providers if something has been broken by them in your home. They will probably do their best to repair or replace those items.

Also, please let us know if something is fragile, or delicate. We can pass this information on to the independent house cleaning service providers, or you can pass that information along directly to them.

Finally, you may also inquire for an insured house cleaning service provider in Los Angeles. We can find out for you if any one of them has a bond or insurance. Usually we are capable of finding a team that will meet your personal needs.

7. Do the House Cleaners have Workers Compensation or Do I Pay for That?

If something happens to the housekeeper or cleaning professional while they are on the job, you may or may not be held liable depending on your relationship with the service provider.

Sometimes the cleaner may have an independent health policy that may take care of an injury on the job. Make sure to ask about this for your own peace of mind.

Secondly, you may also check with your home owners insurance. In California for example, home owners insurance covers workers comp for any domestic worker. If it is not part of your policy you can probably have it added on for a very small price.

8. Does the professional house or apartment cleaning service provider bring their own equipment?

We check to make sure all the house cleaners that we refer have all of their own products. Occasionally they may forget to bring something, so I would keep supplies handy just in case.

Also, if you have a special fragrance or chemical for a specific item, we recommend you share that with the service provider.

9. What Services Are Included?

When you book you will find that there are many options on our service menu. You can customize the cleaning however you wish. It’s up to you! One of our most popular “extras” is hand wiping baseboards. You can also have the dishes done too. If you are a regular client, you can add a new extra for any given service.

In conclusion, you can get referred Services that include but are not limited to: General House Cleaning, Airbnb maid and butler service, Laundry service, Cleaning Dishes, Deep Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Dusting, Vacuum , Mopping, Final Cleaning for moving out or moving in, Short term lease cleaning, Sublet house cleaning services, Same Day Service, etc.

10. What Kind of Training Do You Give to the house cleaning companies or house cleaning individuals?

Cleaning companies train their employees. Every company has a specific method. You can ask how the employees are trained. In most cases, independent house cleaners have already received training in the janitorial, hotel industry, or house cleaning industry working with other professionals. Every professional house cleaner has their own way of achieving success. Though if you would like to provide tools and instruction, that is your choice. Keep in mind that you could inherit employment responsibilities.

11. Is My Satisfaction Guaranteed?

It’s important that you understand from the beginning how your housekeeper or house cleaning service provider will communicate with you and react should you be dissatisfied with the job they’ve done.

Most important, in any case, Aloha Maids will NOT provide a refund. You may request a refund from the service provider directly. We can only provide a discount on the referral fee.

12. Do You Work From a Checklist?

Check lists are a good idea. By selecting extras from our website is a good way of presenting a checklist to the cleaners. You have the option to ask the professional house cleaners to see the list that they use and make sure it is satisfactory and meets expectations.

13. How Will the professional house cleaners referred by Aloha Maids get into my home?

You can use our customer service hotline to help.

Don’t forget, call 1888-99-ALOHA, you can also text or email us as well. We also have a self help sign in page where you can leave any access information for us at any time as well.

14. What Should I Do With My Pets?

Even if your housekeeper prefers you isolate animals in one room or in a crate, you should still make sure they get a chance to meet each other so they have time to get used to each other.

15. I would like to find out how much experience a house cleaner has?

We keep track of all the cleanings and reputations of all the service providers that we refer. You can ask us at any time for the most experienced or highest rated house cleaning service providers.

16. Can We Book a Deep Cleaning Service?

Actually, the best way to trial for a recurring service is to first try a deep cleaning service. Try a deep cleaning with Aloha Maids. Since we refer to the best cleaning service providers, we can have the same house cleaning service provider come every time.